Repossession Work

Gain access to a property legally & peacefully

Has your property been burgled? With our burglary repairs, you can make itĀ secure again.

We can work with your bailiff

Gaining access to a property when tenants won’t leave doesn’t always have to be stressful. At Keylock Security, we work with bailiffs and landlords throughout Hillingdon Borough to gain access quickly and safely.


Acting with the utmost discretion, we can help your court appointed bailiff gain access to your property. Afterwards, you can opt to have the locks changed.

Our services include:
  • With 28 years’ experience in changing locks for landlords, we can make a stressful period easier
  • You can benefit from a variety of lock replacement services
  • Using the latest technologies, we can make your property secure again
  • Want to make your property extra secure? You may wish to considerĀ an intruder alarm
  • Call to see if we’re available to help your bailiff
If you need to gain access to your property promptly Tel:07968 587 056